Gelispectral's Little Corner Wiki
Gelispectral's Little Corner Wiki
Gelispectral's Little Corner Wiki is one of the sandbox wikis created to serve as a sandbox, canvas, sketchpad, storage (name it) for a wiki user, Mathemagical to store her (yes, it's a her) online files particularly those for those on Wattpad and as well as for Camp Half Blood Roleplay Wiki. Because of this, you may feel free to browse the wiki but everything are protected by copyright. Therefore, NO STEALING particularly of ideas. If you wish to ask something or use the ideas written among the articles, kindly leave a message by the talk page or on the message board for watty users. Thank you!
Side Note: Please do not modify anything in the wiki unless you were given permission to edit here by me.
This is simply just for me to use xD

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